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Woodland campsite

Camping in wild beautiful woodland

Escape the fast pace of your digital world, wind down and just be. Wake up to deer roaming through the woodland, badgers playing, owls calling and bats swooping.

This working woodland holds so many opportunities for campers to search out a quiet spot and witness woodland life, for families needing a safe space to decompress city life and let the kids be free. You will find hammocks dotted across the site free for all to relax in, or search out the secret stream trickling its way through our majestic sweet chestnuts. With plenty of open expanses for sun worshipers, games and BBQs, cargo nets, slack lines, swings, den making equipment, glow in the dark habitat hunt, and Saturday morning forestry school.

Open on weekends from May to mid-July and then 7 days a week through July and August. From £15 a day stay, whatever your budget, whatever your style; be it self-pitching, camper van, tree tents, hammock or bell tents, we can cater for you. Our off-grid locations are custom-designed to be as sustainable as possible, utilising a blend of solar power, rain water and compost to minimise our footprint while making sure the next generation has access to the same epic wilderness as we do.

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self pitching campsite east sussexSelf pitching

£15 per night for adults – £10 per night for kids – 3yrs and under go free

Our Meadow fields and woods have a bountiful supply of secret spaces for families, groups and individuals looking for a place to enjoy natural and off-grid camping. Walk through trackways to pitches cut through the meadow grass from just £15 per person per night in an unforgettable location.  Each pitch comes with washing up bucket and recycling bags and don’t forget to take advantage of our ‘Bell-Hop’ service to take all the hard work out of moving your belongings.

book Belltent camping sussexBell Tents ready for your arrival

Empty bell tent £50 per night ready for you to pop your own gear in. Kitted bell tents from £75 per night.

Our bell tents are set fresh each week, allowing friends to pitch together. Once you have selected the dates on the booking system, simply select your self-pitching people and then add your bell tent in the extras section. More info about booking a bell tent

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Hammock kits, that include DD hammock, thermal under blanket and DD over camp tarp for £50 per night

Our private hammock ground is situated away from the main camping ground, giving a slightly more wild edge to the experience.  You can bring your own and just pay the £15 per person per night fee, or hire the Hammock kits.


tensile tree tent camping

Tentsile Tree Tent

Hire fee £100 for the weekend + Self pitch fee

Our 3 person suspension tree tent with sprung under living space gives comfort style and a different perspective on camping. Sleep amongst the trees gazing up at the stars and drift away on a bed of air. We do recommend bringing warm under blankets and sleeping bags.

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campsite facilities shower toilet

Campsite Facilities

Sounds great, but what about the toilets?

We designed our infrastructure to fit around you and your needs, with a mixture of composting and traditional toilets you will never be very far away from a convenience. 

Tell me more about your ethos and camp facilities!

Our facilities

We run off-grid so that you can enjoy a genuine back-to-nature experience; real down to earth camping doesn’t have to be hard work and we have provided you with everything you need for your comfort.

Unlike other campsites, we have designed our facilities to be mobile and versatile to meet the changing needs and spaces on our site.

We pride ourselves in using up-cycled materials wherever possible – look out for our eco-toilets in vintage horse box trailers!

We have both compost and traditional toilets across the site and wonderful piping hot showers. For your ease we have washing-up stations dotted all over the site next to drinking water points and if you are looking at hiring shelters for communal spaces we can offer these too so just get in touch.  We care for our stream habitat so we provide paraben free washing up liquid and shower soap for our campers to use.


Our campsites are very popular for hosting school groups, family pods, and friends for yearly get togethers all looking for private space to be together, enjoy nature, play games, cook food over open fire, party the night away with silent discos and relax in safe open space where kids can explore and adults can kick back.

In our unique spaces we can create self pitch and bell tents areas together offer shepherds huts and cabins for a more get away from it all stay. Bolt on large communal structures, fully kitted kitchen trailer, mains power, private toilets and showers.

Please click the link below for more details

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camping firepit and wood hire

Fires And Wood

Camping isn’t camping without setting fire to something, however, they do need to be treated with respect and common sense. We have fire pits available for every pitch to prevent the tree roots being damaged, and handy buckets to help you extinguish them in the evening.

We have permission for campers to forage for small fallen timber to act as kindling, but nothing bigger campers as the forestry team turn coppice wood into money for the winter. Our neighbouring estate has produced our bags of wood so please ask the warden and they will be happy to sell you some!

camping site warden security

Welcoming you to the site

We warden the campsites on weekends at check-in, help you find your pitch and assist with anything you need during your stay. Wardens are not always available during the week and we check in remotely so do look out for your allocation email on the week of your stay to help orientate you to your pitch.

What to do on arrival 

Once you arrive you will be guided by signs into the car park, all numbered car park spaces correspond to your pitch number (please check allocation email)  on the post you will see your bucket and recycling bags. The car park map will help guide you to your pitch, wheel barrows are positioned to the side of the car park. If you have booked the Bell hop just flag the Warden down who will be bouncing about on the Quad bike. Wardens are here to help, always ask if you need assistance.

Wood – Grills – Extras

If you have ordered extras they will be waiting for you on your pitch, we have extra wood rounds on Saturday afternoon and a request board that allows you to chalk up requests and questions throughout your stay.


Wood Fired Pizza on a friday night

Why not book in for our Friday night pizza. This year we are sending out menus and time slots 5 days before your arrival. To avoid disappointment please tick the pizzas box when booking your pitching, there will be no charge until we send out the options 5 days before your stay. Pizzas are served from the kitchen at the top of the site next to the wardens cabin. 


Rubbish is the pain of every campsite and camper, the campsite has recycling bins onsite, we normally take 85% of all rubbish we give netty bags on each number pitch, one bag is for glass that must be empty and separated. The second bag is for all empty plastic and cans. Then on the Sunday we open the bins situated by reception and on your way out you deposit your recycled waste. Hoorah! Please note we do not take your general waste.


We welcome dogs, please keep them controlled for neighbours, livestock, wildlife and other campers.

sussex campsite transport

Bell Hop transport service to your pitch

We are also operating a Bell hop service on weekends (Friday and Sunday only) that will ferry all kit across the site for £10 a load from the car park in field 1.

This is an add-on service following our observations in 2020 showing us that campers needed help with heavy car loads of gear and the land was struggling under the weight of vehicles. Wheel barrows will still be available in the car parks.

What is the Bell Hop Service?

What is it?

The Bell Hop operates with Quad bikes and 4×4 vehicles picking up campers equipment from the car park and dropping it directly onto their pitch.

Why offer this service?

This year we have taken the decision to no longer allow cars onto the main camping fields or woodland (except camper vans), we have invested in trailers, quads and 4×4’s, and subsidised the service so for a small fee we transport your camping gear directly to your pitch.

Why can’t I drive to my pitch?

The land started to struggle with the amount of cars driving across the field, as did the wildlife, and it was became increasingly difficult to get campers driving safely in wet conditions or being mindful of others so we decide to change things.

How do I book this service

You can book the service through the booking system in EXTRAS but we will only be taking cash on arrival for the service.

What if I don’t want this service

No problem! If you would rather transport your kit across the site, we have provided BIG wheel barrows that are in the car park, all we ask is that you return them after you have finished using them.

why do i have to pay?

This is an extra service, we provide wheel barrows for free, but we also understand the average family comes with a lot of gear. It costs a considerable amount of money to buy and maintain quad bikes/4×4 with trailers, then add insurance, training and staff hourly rate for arrival and check out, so we hope you’ll see why we have set the fee at £10.



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