Things to do on the wood and Meadow campsite

Things to do on the Woods & Meadow campsite

With 20 acres of meadow, woodland and stream to play with campers and their kids won’t be bored.!

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Lots to do on the campsite

So much fun for all!

In the woodland, they will find hidden swings, slacklines, hammocks and cargo nets to play in.

If they are budding builders, we also leave den making equipment and the beginnings of structures so they can add on too.

Tug of WAR!

Nothing gets the competitive juices flowing more than campsite tug of war, our wardens will walk around on a Saturday evening and ask if you are interested in participating in a tug of war, normally Kids V Grown ups and as the different tribes clash the laughter ripples across the campsite.

For that fleeting moment you are transported to your youth where nothing else matters but winning and working together!

campsite tug of war game
eco geo cache

Geo Cache – kids love it!

As they become bolder on day 2 they can play hunt the animals on our Eco Geo cache where they hunt for clues and carved animals, once all clues have been found they can find the warden and claim their prize.


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