Body and Face painting

During one of our outdoor events the children attending enjoyed body and face painting with the artistic application of special water-based cosmetic “paints”.

For many years Body and Face painting has been a popular activity for entertainment at fairs, festivals, open-air markets and other locations that attract children and adolescents such as our Pop up Campsite when we also hold private parties and events. Many teenagers and adults enjoy being painted for events, such as sports events or charity fund raisers. On the Saturday before Halloween and as part of cosplay practice, face painting is also enjoyed by many people who dress up as zombies to dance as part of the worldwide “Thrill the World” event.

It is a reasonable assumption that humans have painted their faces and bodies since the very beginning and for many reasons including hunting and body adornment. Neanderthals had the tools and skills for face painting; although no longer considered a direct ancestor of homo sapiens, they lived alongside them in some areas. After the fall of the French aristocracy the practice died out in Western culture and re-entered popular culture during the hippie movement of the late nineteen sixties, when it was common for flowers or peace symbols at anti-war demonstrations to be painted on the women’s cheeks as decorations.

During your stay at Pop Up Campsite or as part of your outdoor event we can organise a person to paint designs on your guests faces.

There are many local attractions and activities suitable for all ages at our Pop Up by the River, Pop-up Brighton and Pop-up in the woods campsites including Bushcraft skills, hiring canoe, kayak and paddle boards, ambling along the bidal path and local pubs such as the Fountain Inn at Ashurst.

We also cater for special occasions such as weddings and can cater for all of your needs on the day through to the evening entertainment. We have plenty of beautiful outdoor space for all of your guests to enjoy a memorable experience.

Corporate Event

Our team building activities during outdoor corporate events are designed to incorporate problem solving and to improve communication skills as well as being exciting and fun for all of the participants involved and thus leading to excellent team performance for future achievements.

We recently held a Corporate Day which included challenging activities such as an inflatable its a knock out and creative spaces for young people to achieve goals and learn new things such as Bushcraft Skills in an enjoyable way.

There were refreshments and outside seating for everybody to enjoy after all of their efforts including ice cold cocktails and locally produced draft beers, ales and wines from Poosie Nancy Vintage horse box bar, bespoke pizzas served hot straight from the Camp and Deliver pizza trailer whilst the Boca Loca caterers who are in a class of their own having been finalists for the Sussex Food and Drink Awards provided a fabulous evening BBQ with locally sourced fresh food.

Corporate event

Axe and Paddle Bushcraft courses

Enjoy one-to-one or group Axe and Paddle Bushcraft courses and workshops available for one day or the whole weekend at Pop-Up by the River campsite in Steyning.

Axe and Paddle Bushcraft have now started Kid’s Bushcraft Hazel Bow and Arrow making courses on the river campsite for the affordable cost of £10.00 per child.

Generally, there are Bushcraft courses that will suit everybody’s ability and teacher Steve is avid about wilderness Bushcraft and is experienced at teaching people from the age of five years old upwards having taught many festival goers and individuals on various campsites throughout Sussex.

Axe and Paddle Bushcraft provide family entertainment with educational and fun opportunities to take away new skills from your stay at Pop-Up by the River campsite at New Wharf Farm, Horsebridge Common. Experienced and friendly teacher Steve is happy to run an Axe and Paddle Bushcraft course or workshop from your campsite including axe throwing contest (16+), bow and arrow making, spoon carving and flint or friction fire lighting, hunting, rabbit skinning and cooking over your fire pit.

The traditional bush craft adventurous experience of canoeing on the River Adur will give each and every one of you a new outlook and will be reminiscent of artist, author, conservationist, film maker and naturalist William Clifford Mason (Bill Mason) who received a Best Specialised Film BAFTA award for the short film with humorous geographical insights ‘The Rise and Fall of the Great Lakes’ (1970) with music by Robert Fleming and Bruce Mackay.

Please support our Axe and Paddle Bushcraft Crowdfunder Project to run workshops with schools and youth groups

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Axe & Paddle Bushcraft courses at Heronsdale Manor campsite

Steven Say teaches and presents traditional skills and crafts to adults and children at our pop-up in the woods campsite of Heronsdale Manor in Heathfield as well as at events, festivals and for private parties.

Steve founded Axe & Paddle Bushcraft in early 2012, has a deep love of nature, is highly skilled and is a great teacher.

Take away a new skill from your stay at our pop-up in the campsite and embrace craft, nature and tradition. The Bushcraft folk will teach you bow and arrow making, spoon carving and flint or friction fire making. You can also try the ancient and rapidly diminishing hunting, skinning and cooking over you fire pit skills with Steve.

With regards to Fire Lighting, there are three different stages are available to book. Stage one uses the more traditional, more difficult, Flint and Steel method and the carbon stick tool to learn the ‘Strike a Light’ method. For Stage two you would learn the ancient Bow Drill method and how to build a lasting fire. Stage three is the Friction Fire lighting course for very enthusiastic to learn how to create fire caveman style.

Generally, Axe & Paddle Bushcraft courses include Brain Tanning, Fire Lighting, Jewellery Making, Leatherwork, Moccasin Making, Paddle Making, Shelter Building and Base Camp Skills, Spoon Carving, and Traps and Snares.

Axe & Paddle Bushcraft also sell handcrafted items such as bone carvings, green wood furniture, jewellery, leatherwork and wood as well as working on bespoke commissions.